About Us

Our Mission:

  1. To demystify the concept of protecting and increasing ones wealth through owning gold and silver in the current turbulent economic environment.
  2. To simplify the process of purchasing physical gold and silver bullion in NZ – particularly for first time buyers.

Who are we?

We are 3 Kiwi’s who, in total between us, have spent over 24 years of research and investment in the Gold sector. This includes investing in bullion or physical gold (coins and bars), shares in gold mining companies, gold futures, and also in gold’s sister precious metal – Silver.

How did we meet?

We met at an investment dinner and immediately discovered we all shared a similar outlook for where the world was heading. Over the course of the evening we also discovered we shared a desire to inform others about this and how they too could protect themselves. So, within 2 hours we shook on it and decided to do something about it! Our main site GoldSurvivalGuide.co.nz was the result of that hand shake!In 2009 Gold Survival Guide started out as purely an informational site. We wrote an Ecourse on Gold and we wrote articles sharing our thoughts and experience in gold and silver. We wrote from personal experience and knowledge gleaned from a certain amount of trial and error. Having done the “hard yards” meant we knew where to find the most trusted and reliable information in the gold sector. However we were soon flooded with questions – the main one being how to actually buy precious metals here in New Zealand? So we went about setting up first one, and then multiple deals with bullion refiners and suppliers in Auckland.

Benefits to you in dealing with us

Having set up these deals means two major benefits to gold and silver buyers:

  1. Save money. We can offer gold and silver prices to our readers which are often better than if you went to these suppliers directly yourself as a new buyer (or at the very least the prices are the same).
  2. Save time. You can avoid phoning up for multiple quotes to see where the best prices are – we’ve done the work and already know.
  3. Fully insured nationwide delivery. Whether you’re in Kaitaia or Bluff we can have gold and silver delivered to you for a nominal delivery charge.

If you’re ready to buy now, visit our “Services” page to see some of the gold and silver bullion products that we are able to provide quotes on. Then to get a quote for gold or silver then call us on 0800 888 GOLD (0800 888 465) or email David at orders@goldsurvivalguide.co.nz.

If you’d like more information on Gold and Silver with a New Zealand slant, you might want to head over to our main site GoldSurvivalGuide.co.nz. We publish a few articles every week and you can sign up to receive our article updates by email over there too.

Knowledge is the key to protection and profits.

David Deutsch, Glenn Thomas & Bill Flinn

Hours of Operation:

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Payment Accepted:

  • Cash, Invoice